VPK is an international packaging supplier with more than 6,400 employees in 70 locations across 20 countries. In the UK and Ireland we now have seven specialist sites producing high quality sustainable corrugated packaging for a range or manufacturing and retail sectors, including supermarkets and e-commerce products.

Why we need you

At VPK we are incredibly busy and we need hardworking committed employees to join us. Corrugated cardboard production is a busy growing sector, and the demand for sustainable packaging is surging and will continue to do so. During the pandemic we have been an essential service, and provided sustainable packaging to supermarkets and other industries. Our employees valued working in a busy, thriving industry during this time, when there was so much job uncertainty in other industries.

Our sites

Our sites  have progressed extensively over the past 10 years and are the most state-of-the-art corrugated packaging production facilities in the UK – with more exciting investment planned. This enables us to provide the high level of service expected from our customers but also gives you an amazing working environment.

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