28 Sep 15:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


Training Providers – you can increase the value of your courses to your learners, and thereby attract a greater take-up, by making them accredited.

OCN Credit4Learning offers bespoke, nationally recognized, accreditation, tailored to the needs of you and your learners, in a supportive, constructive and innovative way. The accreditation is quantifiable, as your programmes will have notional learning hours attached to them, as well as being assigned a national standard learning level. Learners therefore receive a professional certificate, which they can use as proof of prior learning.

As our accreditation is bespoke, you retain complete control over the course design, and how it is delivered and assessed. We work with you on the initial recognition phase, and subsequently to ensure that the whole process meets rigorous quality standards.

You will find our whole approach is non-bureaucratic, accessible and flexible.

OCN Credit4Learning is an MOD-approved accrediting body, and we are currently working with MIRA providers. Our accreditation is recognised by the Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme for MOD personnel seeking skills for when they return to civilian life.  In effect this scheme means the student will be eligible for 80% funding for course costs.