06 May 17:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


Over the last 16 years, RIFT has reclaimed around £90 million on behalf of 36,000 workers across the UK. £15.5 million of that has been specifically for Armed Forces - but there’s much more to be reclaimed.

Jan Post, Managing Director of RIFT, knows all too well the financial pressures military families up and down the UK have faced over the last few years – and she knows it’s bad enough without the tax man squeezing them unnecessarily.

“It hasn’t been an easy road and many of our Armed Forces still don’t know that they have overpaid, never mind can reclaim it back. But, just like many other workers across the country, members of the Army, Navy and RAF are just as entitled. The team at RIFT are doing all we can to get your money back.

What is the claim for?

If you travel from your main residence to temporary* UK or overseas bases for work in your own vehicle or by public transport, you could be due around £2,500 in refunded travel expenses – even if you left the forces up to 4 years ago.

DIN ‘2015DIN01-005’ was recently issued to service personnel to officially confirm that tax refunds for travel are claimable. It also states that you can use an agent to make a claim for you. RIFT will act as your agent, providing an end to end service if you don’t have the time or are not comfortable dealing with the technical legislation set out by HMRC.

The DIN also states that you could do the claim yourself but please be aware that you will need to comply with the legislation on temporary workplaces and have the time to liaise directly with HMRC. If you don’t apply the rules correctly and claim more than you are entitled to, HMRC may seek to recover some or all of your refund.

What else can I claim for?

Depending on the type of training, you might be able to claim for this as well, and you could claim for the cost of Mess Dress.  If you’ve received HDT or GYH allowances, these are non-taxed, so we deduct these from any potential claim.

My team can answer all of your questions – they’re online and on the phone when you need them. They’ll fill out your forms and making an enquiry is entirely free.

How much does it cost to find out if I have a claim?

There are no upfront charges either – you only pay a fee if we are successful in making a claim on your behalf. All claims are protected by the RIFT Guarantee so your tax refund is 100% yours to keep (Ts & Cs apply).”

Service leaver Lee Smith was a Lance Corporal based at Catterick Garrison working as an electronics technician and fitness instructor. Lee heard about RIFT from a friend and made a claim because he travelled to a number of different UK bases using his own car and flights to Germany and Canada.

Lee says: “I called RIFT and they said I could claim for the past four years and get my money even quicker with their RIFT Rapid Refund service. They were easy to get in touch with by email and phone, and they let me know quickly how much I was owed. Before I knew it the cash was in my account! It was great to get £2,724 back so quickly. I couldn’t fault the service I received from RIFT.”

With no upfront fees, it’s free to find out if you are due a refund – and there’s no risk. No refund means no charge. Could the taxman be sitting on £2,500 of your money? We even give our clients £20 for each friend or family member they refer who qualifies for a tax refund.

To find out if you’re due a tax refund, call today on 01233 628648, text RIFT to 80010 or log on to


*HMRC defines a temporary base as somewhere you were posted for less than 2 years.