14 Jan 17:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


How well would your CV or LinkedIn Profile stand up to a recruiter searching for a candidate using industry-specific keywords for a role? How many times have you uploaded your CV to a recruitment database without a single response? How many job applications have you sent off and not heard back because your CV didn’t even get in front of the recruiter/hiring manager?

Hide and Seek is great fun to play with the kids at the weekend, but not a good game to play when you are trying to get your CV or Profile noticed.

Would your CV be on the list of recruiters search results?

It’s vital that showcasing key skills in your CV and LinkedIn Profile are vitally important in today’s world of database searches and automated scanning and search processes. Your CV must meet the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  Criteria and keywords play a critical role in this so make sure they are present on your CV, so if you have completed a Close Protection Training Course then make sure your CV reflects that.

But it’s not just the systems you need to impress. Recruiters, hiring managers and executive search consultants/head-hunters will also scan read CVs and Profiles looking for key information that stands out.

Here are some helpful hints to help you get found more easily:

  • Research the type of roles you want to target and the keywords commonly used in adverts or job descriptions.
  • Identify industry experts, find their online profiles and research the terminology they use.
  • List the type of companies within your industry/sector and view their websites. Pick out any keywords or buzzwords they use often.
  • Subscribe to publications in your sector and keep up to date with what people are talking about.

In today’s competitive job market, you want your CV to stand out from all the many, many other applicants with similar skills applying for the same job as you.  Deploying the right keywords can allow you to do this and also show employers that you fit the bill and speak their language.

Let our CV experts review your CV today and find out if it’s helping you to be found easily.