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James Bowdley joined the British Army in January 2000 aged 16 and served with the Light Infantry (Rifles), The Royal Engineers and The Royal Welsh.  His various roles in the Army included Infantry Soldier, Combat Engineer, EOD Search, Intelligence, Human Resources and Logistics.  James left the Army after voluntary redundancy in October 2012.

He now finds himself working as a Site Engineer for a railway company and continues to tell us how he finds this below;

What is your current job role on the rail? I am currently working for Bourne Rail as a Site Engineer/ Linesman and have been involved in the Edinburgh tram project for the last 9 months. My various tasks on the project include building & installing fixings for overhead span wires, installing Overhead line equipment, Planning and organising traffic management, liaising and briefing management from Edinburgh City Council and also planning, surveying and installing underground power cables and fibre optics.

Why did you pursue a career in the Rail Industry? After conducting in depth research during my resettlement time, I discovered that there is currently a skills shortage in the rail industry and there are exciting and challenging rail projects planned for the future. These include HS2 and the updating of our aging rail infrastructure. I was also given information and guidance from Akona and they introduced me to Bourne Rail which is the company I work for now. I have always had a passion for the Rail Industry and decided that a career working within the Industry would be the best transition for me from the Military.

Do you plan to complete any training with Akona in the future? I would like to complete my OLEC Level 1-3 in the near future. The Level 3 Qualification in Electrification Engineering, Maintenance and Construction looks appealing as it meets to the OLEC Standards.

Akona is a training solutions company specialising in the delivery and accreditation of vocational training packages.

They have developed an innovative approach that utilises technology and practical application and combines them with vocational training to ensure candidates receive recognised qualifications for their courses.

Akona believe that every learning experience presents a new opportunity to learn and enhance existing skills.

Their teaching methods are both conventional and modern, providing flexibility and value for money. 

One of the many courses that Akona provide is the Level 3 Qualification in Electrification Engineering Maintenance & Construction.  This qualification includes the following:

  • Personal Track Safety
  • Health and Safety activities which include:
  • Working Safely at Heights
  • Moving and Handling
  • Emergency Aid
  • Basic Fire Awareness

- Electrical Engineering activities which include:

  • Main Steel Work Installations
  • Registration and Installation
  • Installing Small Part Steel (SPS)
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Wiring
  • Foundations
  • Equipment, Tools & Construction processes
  • Design and Drawing Specifications

This qualification meets to Rail Industry OLEC 2 and Olec 3 Standards.

So if you are interested in an engineering career and fancy exploring other avenues and joining this busy industry contact Akona today where they will be able to advise you on your next step.

01928 518004

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