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Jack Creswell is due to leave the army this year, having served 23 years.  He is looking to pursue a new career in the Private Security sector, particularly the training side. He was made aware of a few courses that would be beneficial for him in the future (PTTLS, CMT and PIT).

Jack says:

“Recently I met Steve, Gaynor and the rest of the Akona team through my current role as the Training SNCO for a tri-service unit.  By accrediting the role of personnel in my unit, Akona has been able to provide us with a bespoke CPO course.  To date we have run 4 courses and have been able to qualify in excess of 40 unit personnel with the BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection Operations.  I have heard nothing but praise from all of my guys who have attended these courses claiming that the standard of instruction and the level at which it was pitched was perfect.

When I found out that Akona provided the courses that I needed, it was a no brainer. To date I have attended the PTLLS/CMT and again the instructor delivered the training at a very high level and provided me with a good deal of top tips to help me move on from being an instructor to being a teacher.”

Another benefit from choosing to take part in courses run by Akona is that they are registered with ELCAS, which means current or ex-military personnel can use their Enhanced Learning Credits towards training with them.

If you are leaving the forces or looking for a career change why not look at the courses that Akona have on offer

Akona is a training solutions company specialising in the delivery and accreditation of vocational training packages.

We have developed an innovative approach that utilises technology and practical application and combines them with vocational training to ensure candidates receive recognised qualifications for their courses.

We believe that every learning experience presents a new opportunity to learn and enhance existing skills.

Our teaching methods are both conventional and modern, providing flexibility and value for money.

One of our most popular courses is the BTEC Level 3 Close Protection course.  This 14 day course is geared towards serving personnel and those leaving the Armed Forces and civilians preparing for a career in the security industry.

Experienced instructors teach the course and it provides flexibility for personnel that are deployed over seas or in full time employment.

The course involves a mixture of classroom and practical application at high profile venues.

Modules that will be taught on this course are inclusive of the following;

Module 1: Close Protection Law and Legislations

Module 2: The Roles and Responsibilities of the CPO

Module 3: The Threat and Risk Assessments

Module 5: Venue and Event based Security

Module 6: Close Protection Operational Planning & Orders

Module 7: Inter-Personal skills         

Module 8: Close Protection Teamwork     

Module 9: Reconnaissance and security advance party duties

Module 10: Close Protection foot techniques   

Module 11: Route selection and security

Module 12: Close Protection Vehicle Drills

Module 13: Search Awareness

Module 14: Conflict management and Assignment

If you feel this sounds like the course for you, you are leaving the forces or looking for a career change why not contact Akona and see what they can do for you.

01928 518004

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