09 Dec 17:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


If you are looking for a new career path after your time in the Services, but are unsure or nervous about going to college or University to retrain, then distance learning could be the ideal solution.  Here are five great reasons why distance learning is the perfect way to train for a new career.

  1. Flexible learning

    One of the main benefits of distance learning is the ability to access your learning material whenever and wherever you like, so long as you have an internet connection. This means that you can fit your studies around your day-to-day responsibilities, without having to worry about missing classes. It also means that you can take a break whenever you need one or even study for longer if you have got your teeth into a certain area.
  2. Learn at your own pace

    Distance learning allows you to learn at your own pace. This means that you can spend more time on the areas that you feel less confident about, whilst progressing as fast as you need through the areas where you feel more comfortable. You do not need to worry about holding other students up while you try to get your head around something and there is no need to sit there daydreaming while a tutor outlines something that you already know.
  3. Save yourself some money

    Training online tends to cost considerably less than going to college or university. By training with Computeach you will still receive accredited certifications, despite the lower cost. There is also no need to worry about having to pay for books and other training materials, as it is all included within the cost of your training!
  4. Variety of learning styles

    Do you remember sitting in a classroom as a child reading a thick textbook? Boring wasn’t it! It’s hard to remember things by just reading through a book and you are likely to end up learning very little. Online training combines visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) and kinaesthetic (doing) learning methods to make sure that you stay interested in your training.
  5. Tutor support

    Although you may worry about the lack of one dedicated tutor when undertaking distance learning, you will soon realise that having a team of tutors to hand is far better. This means that you do not have to worry that your tutor may be off sick or on holiday, as there will always be someone available to help you. You can contact Computeach for help via telephone, live chat, email or Twitter. There is also a student community, where you can get help and chat with other students.

Distance learning, provided by companies like Computeach, is a fantastic way to get involved in a new field without having to base your life around your training. Thorough training and unlimited support mean that you can learn a brand new skill away from your previous work in the forces. Click here to learn more about IT training courses at Computeach