04 Oct 17:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


If you’re thinking of changing your career, embarking on a search for your new role can be very daunting. How to approach this effectively in your Job Search Plan, CV, Online Profile and Cover Letter can also be a scary prospect.

Feedback from senior recruiters suggests that, in today’s market, a CVs relevancy to a role is more important than it’s ever been. With the internet making it far easier to locate and apply for vacancies, it’s not surprising that companies are often accused of looking for the perfect fit, putting enormous pressure on candidates to to match all of the job criteria to have a chance of securing interviews. There are just so many applicants to choose from.

So what’s the secret of successfully making a great impression on the recruiter in the 10-20 seconds they have to scan-read your CV?

Here are some of Career Master 4 Military’s Top Tips:

  • Transferable Skills:

A great tactic for any CV is to include Key Skills or Core Competencies below your Profile paragraph. Listing these key terms gives a quick snapshot of what you have to offer.

  • Achievements:

A fantastic way to showcase your strengths is by adding your key achievements. Talk about the numbers if you can – increases to cost reduction, profit, improvements to efficiency, reducing risk are all good examples.

  • Keywords:

Research commonly used keywords in the industry/sector you are targeting and include them in your CV and online profile. If you can talk their language and show that you know their needs, you are more likely to be able to communicate better with your prospective employer.

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