07 Oct 17:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


Deciding what to do after you finish your time in the Services or deciding to change your profession can be a tricky decision – it’s important that you find something stimulating, that’s in demand and that will provide you with a long-lasting and rewarding career.  In a technology-driven world, working in the IT industry could just be the career choice for you. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why ex-Services belong in IT.

  1. Plenty of transferable skills

    There’s no doubt that working in the forces is unlike many other professions, so when it comes to writing your all-important CV, you might be wondering what transferable skills you are going to put down? As long as you think outside the box you’ll soon realise that there are plenty of skills that are transferable to many different industries.

    Communication– If there’s one place that you learn how to communicate efficiently it’s the forces, whether you’re at the front line or coordinating lunches for thousands of troops, being able to communicate quickly and efficiently at key times is crucial. With any role in IT, also known as ICT (Information Communication Technology), it’s your job to ensure ideas and concepts are understood. For example, working as a Programming Professional will require huge amounts of communication between the customer/business that you’re working for in order to ensure you deliver what they’re looking for.

    Other transferable skills include working well under pressure, problem-solving, attention to detail, being a team leader and a team player.

  2. There’s a high demand for IT professionals

    Whilst the rest of the UK job climate might be struggling, it’s positive news for a career in IT. In a world dominated by technology and the internet if there’s one industry that’s definitely not slowing down it’s IT. In 2013, 36 million adults (73%) in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day, 20 million more than in 2006… that’s a lot of web professionals!

  3. World-wide opportunities

    The creation of IT jobs isn’t just limited to the UK either, the demand for IT professionals is a global one – so if you fancy escaping the UK for a while and starting a new life in technological hubs such as Beijing, Hong Kong or Tokyo, the world is your oyster.

  4. There’s a big variety of jobs 

    There are many myths surrounding the IT industry. Working in IT doesn’t necessarily mean that you sit in front of a computer all day in-putting data. The IT industry is a broad one with computing jobs spanning across web design, support, databases, programming, and server professionals. The choice is up to you.

  5. No experience necessary 

    So how do you get involved if you don’t have any experience? Distance-learning courses such as those provided by Computeach are a fantastic way to get involved in a new field without any previous experience. Thorough training and unlimited support mean that you can learn a brand new skill away from your previous work in the forces. Click here to learn more about IT training courses at Computeach.