18 Sep 18:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


At Stopcocks Women Plumbers we’d particularly like to welcome female service leavers to train with and join us as self-employed plumbers.


We see many parallels;

- Stopcocks Women Plumbers have standards of excellence, so do the services.

- Stopcocks Women Plumbers are practical and get things done, so are service leavers.

- Stopcocks Women plumbers are solution focused, so are service members/leavers.

- Stopcocks Women Plumbers are independent thinkers with a strong sense of community, so are service members/leavers.

- Stopcocks Women Plumbers are systematic and thorough, so are service members/ leavers.

Additionally Stopcocks Women Plumbers are autonomous and also fully accountable.


Stopcocks Women Plumbers have partnered with EAS Mechanical Ltd one of the UK’s leading companies in course management to provide top quality, fully accredited training and assessment. Through Stopcocks unique services we ensure our trainees receive quality training plus vital opportunities to gain the real life plumbing experience required to build and consolidate practical skills and understanding that meet all the requirements to qualify.

Stopcocks Women Plumbers are unique within the construction industry. We set up the national company in direct response to requests from women who’d completed their practical; in college training but were unable to secure placements to complete the ‘on- site’ element required to qualify*.

Our experience has been that the vast majority of these women are mature adults, reinventing themselves. This means they are serious, committed individuals who need to be able to earn quickly.

Stopcocks Women plumbers response has been to establish a service which supports our licensees to set up their own business as a plumber within their first year (while training) which provides autonomy. However, our business and technical mentoring and supervision is second to none and provides the support for our licensees to tackle jobs with confidence. In addition, we provide our own unique training ensuring your knowledge and skills are up to date and relevant and that your business practice includes customer service and satisfaction as standard. This is of course essential to build a growing and effective customer base.

Over 2013 we’ve also established our training course allowing women to join us and train from scratch, even to begin earning from around half way through the course.

We support our plumbers to be in business for yourselves but not alone.

If you’re interested in our services and training contact us via our website, or view the full range of trade skill courses on the Cross Deck website. (where you can read more about our vision and services) or by phone 0800 862 0010.

* The course we provide is the 6189 NVQ 2 Diploma with added support and opportunities for completion of the portfolio and assessments required to fully qualify at this level (now accepting candidates for October 2013).