13 Sep 17:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


mind·set or mind-set 

1.  A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations.

2.  An inclination or a habit.

 Having the correct mind-set is the major factor in achieving goals and reaching targets. Working hard and dedicating yourself to any given goal is a by-product of developing the right mind-set!

Time and again I encounter people that have a “desire” to achieve something important to them whether it is to get in great shape or achieve their black belt in martial arts. I’m going to tell you that having a desire isn’t enough! You must have an Intention to achieve what you want.

Start moving towards your goal with an unbreakable intention that you will succeed, no matter what! And you will move mountains to get it!

I remember as a child I was far from athletic! One of my most embarrassing childhood memories was entering a 3km cross-country race with my junior school and coming last! Not just last in my team but in the whole race! I even think the finish line had been packed away by the time I got there!

This event sparked an Intention within me that I would achieve a high level of physical capability! I adopted the mind-set that I was “in the process” of becoming fit, strong, fast and athletic. I had no idea at the time that this would lead to me, as a school leaver being capable of speed marching 30 miles cross country as part of a Royal Marines recruit troop and earning a Physical Training Superior award!

Your mind-set can be developed as much, if not more as your physical body! Get comfortable being uncomfortable and go for it! Success in any area is determined by your ability to maintain a strong, adaptable mind-set that will keep you focused on your chosen path even when faced with challenges!

“If we feel our success is determined purely by our own physical ability then we will become weak in the face of adversity” 

I now encourage, at every opportunity to help my martial arts students develop their mind-set and challenge themselves to achieve their goals and ambitions and to realise that the road to these results will not be a smooth straight one and that they may encounter a few twists and turns along the way!

Greg Allison

Instructor - Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts