13 Aug 16:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


As if looking for a job were not testing enough, at some point you could find yourself asked to sit a psychometric test.  Sounds complicated but it’s not – psychometric tests are designed to find out if you have the right abilities and personality for the job.

If you have not done one before they can be daunting so here’s a few tips about how to tackle one:

- The term psychometric test covers both aptitude tests (such as tests of numerical or verbal reasoning) and overall personality tests designed to find out if you fit the pattern that make a successful employee for that particular organisation. Other tests include situational judgement tests, which measure how you are likely to react in particular situations and tests of logical reasoning, which measure your problem solving ability. Find out in advance what kind of test you are likely to face - employers usually tell you.

- You may be asked to complete the test online by a deadline so make sure you meet it. Alternatively you may have to sit the test as part of an assessment at the employer's premises or a test centre. Either way, if you have any questions or there are any issues that may affect your performance (dyslexia for instance) let the employer know as soon as they tell you that you will be sitting a test - don't leave it until the last minute.

- If they have sent you example tests or questions, do them. Practicing aptitude tests almost always improves your score, and even on personality tests, practice means you are familiar with them, so you are less nervous.

- If the employer does not send you examples, find practice tests online - there are plenty you can take for free.

- Read the instructions carefully so you understand each question.  Most tests are multiple choice and many include common - but wrong - answers. Check your own answers carefully to ensure you have chosen correctly.

- Aptitude tests are usually scored for speed and accuracy so don’t hang about, but don't rush so much that you sacrifice accuracy.

Whatever kind of test you face, good luck!

Until next time,

Dixie Dean.