30 Aug 16:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


Going back to work after a holiday can be a real pain. Most of us get over it pretty fast, but for some, it’s a sign of a real need to change career.

Whether you are looking at leaving the services or already in Civvy Street, you don't have to stay in the same business sector all your life, even in these tough times. A recent survey showed that more than a third of office workers alone were planning to change jobs and over half of those wanted to change to a completely different career. The figures would probably be higher if all employment sectors were taken into account.

But you have to approach the change with care.

-      Take a reality check.  Are you looking at the career through rose-tinted specs?  Research the sector and role.  What does it really involve? To get an all-round picture try to find someone – preferably several people – who work in that sector and ask them about it.

-      Check that you have most of the right skills.  Many, such as leadership, teamwork or ability to hit targets, may well be transferable from your existing role.  The rest – typically practical skills – you might need to obtain from a course that provides new qualifications.  Check out the training courses on our site.  Taking a course will equip you with the skills you need but also show employers you are serious about their sector.

-      Try to get work experience or volunteer in the career you want.  This gives you practical experience and contacts that may help you find jobs.

-      Rewrite your CV to target the new role, explaining in a short summary that you want to change to the new career and why you think you would be suitable.  List your skills and how you got them but explain how they will transfer across to the new role – which also gives you the chance to show you know about what it involves.

-      Apply for new roles but make sure you also let everyone know you are looking for a job in the new sector – remember lots of jobs come from networking.

Until next time,

Dixie Dean