22 Jul 15:00 by Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia


No time for the gym? Hate going to the gym? Or just need a change from the same old exercise routine?  Well Fitness Tree offer the first garden based exercise rig for total body workouts, dynamic exercise and functional fitness.

Sturdy, compact and sleek in design the Fitness Tree provides a real training option to the gym. The Tree takes up minimum space in any garden, it’s easy to install, looks great and saves you time and money travelling to and from the gym therefore freeing up time for you to do other things.

The Fitness Tree is a cost effective solution to training from home enabling a huge variety of exercises to be performed due to its unique adjustable operating pin.  The pin allows its user to quickly and easily shift from one exercise to the next with a well designed attachment that moves up and down the pole. The attachment can be fixed in 6 different positions with this simple pin system, therefore offering great variety in the number of exercises that can be performed on the station.

Bodyweight exercises include overhead tricep extensions, pull ups, muscle ups, reverse press ups, pike press ups and hanging leg raise to name a few.  The Fitness Trees versatility also allows for the use of resistance bands and suspension trainers to increase the variety and number of exercises that can be performed. If you carry out TRX and Ring training when you are out on operations you can simply transfer this kit and use it on the Fitness Tree when you are at home.

As there are so many exercises that can be performed on the Fitness Tree you can target specific muscle groups with different exercises (Follow this You Tube video link for an example - No matter what your current fitness level the Fitness Tree’s strength exercises offer easier and harder alternatives so everyone’s training can progress, keeping you motivated for more!

Fitness Tree rigs are great for all age ranges and abilities with teenagers certainly benefiting from a structured bodyweight strength training program.  If they need entertaining or they need to burn off some calories get them on the Fitness Tree!

Our mission is to provide easy to use, accessible and effective home based fitness stations that inspire regular exercise and a lifetime of fitness and health so we no longer hear the age old saying of, ‘I don’t have time to exercise’.

The Fitness tree will have you looking better, feeling stronger and living longer.

With a Fitness Tree in the garden it can be used at a time to suit you, and for as little or as long as time permits, no excuses! For more details or to buy your Fitness Tree visit  or call on the number below.

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Fitness Tree

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